Where To Find a Good Therapist (My 1st Recommendation)

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You’ve landed on this blog, I’m guessing, with the intention to find a good therapist and all that comes with it. Most importantly… where to start. I mean, that is the first step, right? 

Well, maybe not. The first part of your therapy journey should really begin before you even realize you need one. Everybody knows to go to the dentist on a regular basis, first and foremost, as a form of preventative care. So, think of therapy in the same way.

Having a good therapist in your life makes you more evolved, calm, stable, grounded and healthier. No matter what season you’re going through.

All that said, you’re here. Maybe it’s because you’re:

  • seeking preventative/all-around self-care
  • actually going through a difficult time
  • self-aware enough to realize negative beliefs/things from your past are buried down deep (even though you feel stable at the moment)


Where Do You Find a Good Therapist?

Knowing Where To Find A Good Therapist is Important Place to Start for Preventative Care

My 1st Recommendation: Reach out to your circle of friends. 

Let’s say friend X has gone to a therapist. Ask her!

Or, perhaps, X has a friend who has a therapist they trust.

In fact, that’s a really great way to position the question! Consider sending something like this to a group of friends,

“Hey, if anyone has a great therapist they’ve been to, personally… or maybe has an acquaintance who has a great therapist … I’m looking to line one up! Ideally, I’d love to interview a few of them, so I’d love your recommendations!” 

Now, some people are very private about this and don’t want their closest friends going to any of their medical professionals.

And, in fact, some therapists have a policy in place where they won’t see someone’s best friend. 

But, if you’d like to go to a therapist in-person (tougher during a pandemic, no doubt), then I stand by my recommendation of reaching out to your local friends (and even associates).

Texting Friends Is Where to Start Find a Good Therapist

Trust me, you’ll be surprised how many people you know have gone to a therapist! The stigma is a thing of the past. Cool people go to therapy.

In my opinion, it’s the less evolved who are afraid to go and don’t go.

Okay, you’ve asked your friends and no luck. You didn’t find a therapist going down that route. 

No worries!

For your next stop on the where-to-find-a-therapist train and my tips on HOW to find a therapist right for you, check out this episode of The Chalene Show:

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