Why Email Segmentation is Important

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Whether you have 15 subscribers or 15000 subscribers on your email list, it’s important to practice email segmentation. It’s the first thing I recommend you do with your email list, actually. Think of it as the preamble tip before the all the tips on crushing your email sends.

Email Segmentation Is The Most Important Tip For Sends

Email segmentation is something that most email softwares / servers will do for you. And it’s automated by most systems.

So, what does it mean?

Simply put, you can group the emails you’ve collected into different categories.

And why would you want to do this?

Perhaps you’re looking to promote two different products / courses / freemiums. One might be about nutrition and the other a video equipment guide.

Well, it would be hugely beneficial to segment those emails!

Let’s say you have 50 emails total on your list. You’ve grouped and labeled them based on however they made their way to you. Maybe 30 customers found you through a nutrition promo and 20 through a video equipment tutorial.

Hence, you know that your audience is interested in specifically different things. To email all of them the same content would be unfair to them and, not to mention, likely cause unsubscribes to your list.

Take my subscriber list, for example:

It has taken years to build my list and my lifers have come to me via many different avenues.

There are those who are only interested in fitness and personal development and they couldn’t care less about Build Your Tribe (business podcast) or the Marketing Impact Academy.

And there are others who don’t care about fitness / nutrition / wellness at all. They’re only about business tips and growing a social media following.

There’s also a segment interested in both.

Practice Email Segmentation To Ensure The Right Content Hits Your Subscribers

When you’re sending out an email, it’s so important to keep top of mind,

“Hey self, should this go to all of my email list subscribers or only the ones who are interested in this topic?”

Bottom line: You’re just better able to serve your audience when you know where everyone came from and what they’re into.

Now that your lists are segmented… what should you be doing with them, specifically? For that, plus:

  • How frequently you should be emailing your list
  • How long (copy / content) should your emails be
  • The value of repurposing content for your email list

Check out this Build Your Tribe episode below:

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