Why Weighted Blankets Work

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Normally I get super researched and data-driven in my blogs, but today I’m going to write about weighted blankets solely from personal experience. I’m not going to mention why the fabric or heaviness of a weighted blanket does X, Y or Z. That stuff is easily Googlable.

This right here is all about how I have benefited from this amazing type of bedding, if you will. And why you might want to consider getting one for yourself.

Why Weighted Blankets Work and You Should Consider Getting One

I had heard about weighted blankets for a long time, and I was just like,

“So what’s the point of them?”

And then someone explained to me that while most weighted blankets are heavy, they don’t make you hot.

These unique and game-changing blankets are often made out of a material that’s breathable, but yet have enough weight to them that triggers something in the brain that says,

“I’m safe and protected.”

Because it turns off your fight or flight, it literally just puts your body to sleep.

If you’re a parent, you’ll get this…

When your children are babies, you sometimes lay them across your chest or shoulder, right? Maybe you’re slouched down on a couch and you just lay that warm little baby body on yours.

Weighted Blanket Resembles the Same Feeling As A Newborn Laying On Your Person

So, I just remember when I was nursing and putting my babies in that position. Woah! The weight of them, that feeling… and I would just be out like a light. It would seriously just put me to sleep in a second. In my opinion, that feeling is analogous to a weighted blanket. Just saying.

How I Use My Weighted Blanket

The weighted blanked I happen to love is not cuddly, really. But not uncomfortable either. It’s this big giant knit-woven heavy beast of a thing.

I have a little cuddly blanket that’s very soft and lightweight. What I do is put the lightweight blanket on top of me and, then, the bigger / heavy weighted blanket on top of that.

Tip: before you invest in the more expensive variety, you might start with a more economical one found at Target or Walmart, etc.

The Difference This Blanket Has Made In My Life

I fall asleep so much quicker now! The blanket also allows me to fall asleep on my back — which I’ve been trying to do since forever as it helps with:

  • Breathing
  • Alignment
  • Keeping your face nice and smooth

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