Why Your Thoughts Create Reality

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Whatever occupies your thoughts you will create more of. If you’re skiing and focus on the kid you don’t want to hit, you’ll probably run her over. When you’re on a motorcycle course riding trails and thinking to yourself, “I don’t want to hit that log!” — you will. Why?

Your mind thinks that it’s protecting you by seeing the dangers, but, instead, happens to only be fixating on a destination you’re trying not to hit.

Hence, you’re going to hit it.

Your Thoughts Will Dictate The Outcome

Everything about your reality is a consequence of the way you think. Almost everything. I mean, there are acts of God, for sure. And sometimes those things are inexplicable, but they’re always meant for your best and your highest. Remember that.

We can’t control the things that have happened to us and we can’t control things that have happened in the past, but once they’ve happened… everything else is 100% our responsibility.

How you…

  • Deal with it
  • Think about it
  • Respond to it
  • React to others

… is all your responsibility.

I wanted to call attention to the fact you’re creating greater resistance by giving obstacles permission to enter into your mind. You’ve got to sweep them away immediately.

Sweep Challenging Thoughts Away From Your Mind

Let me be clear, I’m not suggesting that you won’t have these thoughts or that it’s possible to remove them from existence forever. That wouldn’t be human.

What I am suggesting, though, is to:

  1. Immediately brush out any negative thoughts once they appear.
  2. Replace them.

And that’s a daily, constant behavior. Action. It has to become a habit.

Personal anecdote alert: My personal goal is to be positive 100% of the time! I try my freaking hardest to believe that anything I want is possible. But I don’t always succeed.

If ever I find that I might be allowing a negative obstacle to take residence in my head, I’ll dedicate much needed time to figuring how that happened.

Maybe I’ll stay on the elliptical for an extra playlist or put on my makeup extra slow, you know? Those are my therapeutic moments.

What do YOU need to do to change your unwelcome thoughts? Tell me in the comments below. 

Look, you have the ability to do amazing things, but you’ve got to stop posting on social media about any obstacles, bad days, and/or (hashtag) vulnerable posts. Even when you add a silver lining with, “But I’m going to get through it!” — you’re still:

  • Calling attention to it
  • Giving it power
  • Allowing it to manifest
  • Throwing energy unto it
Your Thoughts On Social Media Manifest

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