5 Things Confident People Don’t Do

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I believe that confident people are quietly confident. They simply don’t feel the need to tell you about their accolades. Demanding their way is beneath them. And there’s no pretending to be somebody else.

Why can’t this be you, too?

Let’s get to the 5 things confident people would never do…

Number one: Confident people don’t worry about the opinions of those who don’t matter.

Now, obviously, everybody matters. But I’m specifically referring to a person whose opinion is tainted by his/her own agenda, or scarcity mindset, or insecurities.

Confident People Don't Let Insecurities Get In Their Way

In addition, confident individuals don’t worry about things they know they can’t change (i.e., have no control over) — because because they know it won’t have any impact.

When we worry about things we can’t control, all we’re doing is wasting our own energy. Confident people realize that.

Number two: Confident people don’t blame others for their predicament. 

Self-assured individuals know that their circumstances are often generated by their attitude, actions, things that they give attention to, and their beliefs. In other words… they take personal responsibility seriously.

Number three: Confident people never dwell on the past.

Now, they may learn from their mistakes, but they don’t see them as failures. There’s no time worrying about, fretting, ruminating, or even wishing things could be different. By beating yourself up, or thinking about the things you wish you had said, or worrying about how people perceived you, or even just playing that scene over and over and over in your head, all that does is hold you back.

Confident people learn from their mistakes, see them as experiences, and are always looking and moving forward.

Confident People Look And Move Forward

Number four: Confident people don’t use the language of a victim.

Victim speak is to say things like,

  • “Well, I got screwed.”
  • “This person is out for me.”
  • “You really hurt me.”
  • “She bullies me.”

Language like that implies you don’t have control. But adults, especially strong-headed adults, realize they’re in control of their own destiny, not someone else.

Someone can’t hurt you unless you’ve given them permission to hurt you.

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