Burnout Signs, Symptoms and Consequences

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Burnout is more prevalent than ever in our history. In many ways, it has become a phenomenon of sorts. Especially with the advent of social media.

Social Media has Contributed To Burnout

So yeah, one can easily say that feelings of overwhelm have become super relatable. Hopefully, there is some comfort in that. 

Before I go on, I need to delineate how depression differs from burnout.

Depression is a sense, a mood, that just never leaves you. You feel a lack of interest, joy, and energy for at least two weeks — which is about the timeframe most experts agree depression needs to minimally last for.

Burnout, though, is defined as a state of mental and physical exhaustion with regard to one’s work or responsibilities. It’s this strong deep sense of feeling like you have to do something and do it repeatedly.

Some of the physical and emotional signs of burning out include:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Achiness
  • Inability to focus
  • Irritable
  • Impatient
  • Easily angered
  • More defensive
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Quick to anger
  • Closed-minded
  • Feeling less effective

Hence, the consequences of burnout are relatively serious. People will have this urge to just want to throw in the towel, if you will, and…

  • Quit their job
  • Stop exercising
  • Leave their marriage
Burnout Can Lead To The End Of A Marriage

Dude, many think that no matter how tough parenting can be, it’s still something mom and dad ALWAYS want to do. But, no.

Even parents can experience serious elements of burning out and, no matter how much you love your kids, at times, you just want to step out of the house and never look back. For real.

[Anyone remember those Calgon “take me away” commercials? Shoot, I’m really dating myself here.]

My point is, burnout is not just something that affects us on a professional level.

A crucial element to overcoming burnout is self awareness. This is due to the fact that it can be quite tricky and tough to know that what you’re experiencing in life is indeed burnout. So, how do you navigate this?

Well, listen to The Chalene Show podcast below for examples of scenarios in your work / personal life that would highly suggest that burnout is the culprit of your super unmotivated status. You’ll also find out WHY symptoms of burnout can sneak up on you and how social media influencers are often the group to 1) most suffer from burnout and 2) cause burnout in their followers.

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  1. I found this very useful. I didn’t realize how much I’ve mismatched depression and burnout.
    So now I can go back to doing something that’ll help me relax so that I could focus on what really matters. Thanks Chalene.

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