New Bicep/Tricep Workout w Bands!

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Quote by Chalene Johnson


As seen on Facebook via IG Story: Healthy Breakfast “Cookie” Recipe

Not going to lie, but lately my cooking tutorials on Stories have been causing a lot of hysteria. Everyone seems to be in a frenzy over my unorthodox, yet brilliant, cooking techniques. Even Bret, who usually does the cooking at the Johnsons, is taken aback by all the madness — albeit for different reasons. Whatever. Our spouses can’t support us in ALL of our endeavors, I guess.

But you? YOU get it! 

And one of my fun, delicious, healthy, easy, and fast creations from this past week had you DM’ing me like never before. So, because I’m a very giving person, I’m sharing with you again here….


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As Heard On The Chalene Show, Podcast Feature of the Week: 10 Questions to Have Your Best Year Ever

Too often we sit down to create New Year’s resolutions / goals without first asking the Universe for what it is we desire. I feel this is why the majority of people never accomplish what they hope to. So, to bring in the New Year, I have the following questions for you to consider…


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Other pod gems from the week:


As Seen on IGTV: New Bicep/Tricep Workout w Bands! 

I’ve been a huge crazy fan of resistance bands since forever. Honestly, you can do so much with them and, not to mention, they’re super affordable! Side-note: They come in varying colors, each representing a different level or resistance. 

Fun fact: These bands were originally crafted from surgical tubing!

Look, I phase my workouts (just like my diet) and these little guys always come in handy when I’m looking to switch things up! Which, as it turns out, I did just this week…

Grab whichever bands make you happy, but THESE are the ones I use!

Oh! THESE are great, too (for different exercises)!

As always, I absolutely love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Do you want more Chalene-In-The-Kitchen (yeah, I just spoke in the 3rd person), fitness tutorials, fashion, motivation, health, or you tell me!





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