How To Not Forget Anything

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It’s so easy to forget the little things which, actually, aren’t so little. Things, like:

  • Watering the plants every week
  • Telling your partner you love them
  • Taking your bedtime supplements
  • Calling your mom every other day
How Not To Forget Calling Mom

Whether it’s something you forget because you constantly allow distractions to get in the way, is beside the point. For whatever reason, you haven’t been able to make it happen! And, guess what? It doesn’t have to be hard.

If it’s important to you, then it’s time to wrap some serious accountability around it.

So, here are tips — from my own life — that will help you get what you want to get done!

Number one: Get an app that reminds you to do stuff.

If I’m being honest, I’m not as thoughtful as my husband is. Every day, if we’re apart for more than a couple of hours, he’ll text me and check in. He recounts something specific that tells me he cares and is always listening.

But me? Nope, I totally forget to do that.

A couple of years ago, I created a little reminder that comes to my phone. I use an app called If This Then That (IFTTT). It has tons of amazing features, including text message reminders. You just set it up however you want! Personally, I have it programmed so that I text Bret every day (and sometimes I even beat him to the punch!). 

Number two: Post-it Notes you can’t avoid seeing.

What are you using most often? Where are places you KNOW you’re eyeballs can’t miss?

I’ve heard tons of success stories of people who keep Post-its on their laptop! Just saying.

Post-it Notes are a Great Tool To No Longer Forget

I mean, guaranteed, your laptop is your 3rd arm (or maybe 4th; your phone is probably 3rd).

For me, on the inside of my medicine cabinet, I have a hanging list (Post-its) of 10 — 15 important people I don’t see regularly. Whenever I open up my mirror, I go down that list and I’m like, “Oh, okay. Yesterday I texted Mindy and today I’m going to text Shawn.” Check. 

Side-note: I try not to use social media to keep up with my friends and make it a point to call them.

Number three: Making a public promise.

If there’s something that you need to do and you’re afraid you might forget, just tell people you’re going to do it. Whether it’s a friend or your following on social media.

We’re so afraid to do that, though! “Oh, if I announce it, then that means I have to do it. There’s no chance of forgetting now.” Yeah, that’s right. Figure out where the fear comes from and, then, get good on your word. Not just to others, but especially to yourself.

Number four: Having the right schedule.

It’s harder to neglect to do something when you have more time to remember that it needs to get done.

Look, the only way I’m able to produce 5 podcasts weekly (for years now) is because I got very disciplined about my schedule. This has afforded me the freedom to see this ambitious goal through — with time to spare.

Forgetting is not an option when your schedule is designed to work for you and not against you.

Scheduling Your Life Ensures Your Won't Forget Things

If you’d like to check out what I use to crush my schedule, then peruse PUSH Journals now! You’re welcome.

For far greater detail on each of the tips above, plus why you need to celebrate your wins to move ahead in life, listen to The Chalene Show episode below:

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  1. Recently I discovered that I forget a lot of things a lot. I’ve used notes but I still forget to refer to my notes. So I added my smart phone. I set reminders on my smart phone.
    I even remind myself to check my notes.

    Thank you for this post. It’s quite informing.

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