5 Ways To Improve Your Life in 2020

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“How will I improve my life in at least ONE area?” is, I think, an important question to consider when heading into a New Year. Well, here we are in just the second week of 2020! So, if you’re here, then I’m guessing you’re one of those bright super cool people who is always looking for ways to be better. 

And you know I got you.

But first. What was the impetus for this blog?

True story: I literally just opened the Christmas card Bret, my husband, gave me. Yeah, I waited and waited because, to be honest, I got him gifts but neglected to write a card — which I felt sort of guilty about.

Anyway,  I shouldn’t have been surprised because it was so Bret, but he basically recapped our year… writing all the things we learned in 2019!

He noted which habits and practices he feels we did right (and should continue into 2020) and what we got wrong (and need to switch up).

The crazy thing is we are totally in alignment. I had just been thinking of a nearly identical list. What can I say? It’s a blessing to be on the same page with your spouse and I don’t take it for granted.

Improve 2020 By Being In Alignment with your Partner.

Consider this blog a review, if you will, of our year! I hope you gain some awesome takeaways from it!

5 Ways To Improve Your Life in 2020

PAUSE – Don’t rush important decisions. Acting on emotion often leads to costly and sometimes painful decisions. Slow down. Sleep on it. Do your research. Weigh all the options. Seek advice from wise unbiased people you trust.

ACT FAST – While it’s important to pause long enough to make a solid, informed decision, don’t let that pause morph into procrastination. Once you know what you need to do — do it now. Do it now! Do it now!

SCHEDULE FUN – If you want to spend more time with girlfriends, traveling to the coast of France or learning to salsa dance — you have to get it on the calendar NOW. You won’t find time. You have to make it.

Improve 2020 by Scheduling Fun

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – Blaming others, making someone else the bad guy, or seeing yourself as the victim or hero does you absolutely ZERO good. You lose the respect of others – even if it seems like they see things your way.

We gain respect and confidence when we admit our own culpability. Own it!

LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE – Whether it’s a missed workout, a record setting month of sales or an argument with your spouse — it’s never as good or as bad as it seems. Pull back for a more realistic perspective.

For a bonus tip on how to improve your life this year (with greater detail and personal anecdotes for each of the tips above), you MUST check out the Build Your Tribe episode below:


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