5 Ways To Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

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Posting on Instagram Stories is the ideal way to go deeper with your existent following. While it’s not a platform designed to attract new eyes, if you hit all 5 of the marks talked about in today’s blog, it will certainly expand your Reach. How? Well, among other things, your peeps will be inspired to share your Stories!

Sharing Stories Will Increase Your Reach on Instagram

But before I reveal my top 5, I just want to give this quick tip:

Get in the habit of reminding people — or give them a reason — to check in on your Stories when you post on your Feed!

5 Different Types of Stories You Should Be Posting Every Day

Type of Story, 1: Behind the scenes.

Ideally, you would post this kind of Story a couple of different times throughout the day. The nature of these clips allows people to get a true sense of who you are. Your audience becomes a voyeur, if you will.

You want to be relatable and nothing does that better than showing your IG crew the realness of your real life.

Type of Story, 2: A helpful suggestion.

In Stories we’re trying to build that trust factor. Your objective is to be someone that other people can rely on. The best way to do that is to share your opinion, suggestions and beliefs.

If you want to sell your own stuff on Instagram Stories, that’s fine. However, you better recommend other things you truly believe in, stand behind, support, use and promote — because you know it truly serves your followers and makes their lives a little better. Maybe it’s a book, a documentary, your favorite supplement, a sale that’s happening at Nordstrom, whatever!

At least once a day, you should be offering a suggestion that is not tied to you, financially.

Suggest Products on Instagram Stories You Aren't Financially Connected To

Type of Story, 3: Direct to camera.

That means it’s you, preferably without a beauty filter (you don’t need it; you’re beautiful enough). There are filters, like Paris, which brighten things up, but don’t change your appearance.

You can go direct to camera (or DTC, as I like to call it) to educate your audience, share your opinion, offer a tip, a suggestion, or whatever strikes your fancy! Bottom line: it gives your followers a chance to connect with you. It’s how they know there’s a real person behind this perfectly polished, curated feed that we see.

Type of Story, 4:  What they came for.

So, you’re a fitness account, but your Stories are all about hair and makeup and the kids. Hmmm. Where are those fitness tips, yo?!

For me, this means at least once a day I’m trying to offer some type of social media / business / productivity / health / or fitness tip. Those are the things people follow me for. As funny (like, crazy ridiculous funny) as my audience knows me to be, not every post is going to be centered around my brand (which is everyone’s brand) of humor.

What’s the number 5 Type of Story you should be posting on the daily — which happens to be the most important of all? Check out this Build Your Tribe episode to find out…

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