Chalene’s Top Fake Beauty Hacks and Products

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You don’t follow me because I’m a no-fuss au natural gal. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sure. But for me, beauty means ALLLLL the things to get ready, look cute and transform. To me, there’s nothing like the big reveal to my husband after 45 or so minutes of primping. I’m one part beauty products, two parts YouTube tutorials, at least three parts Amazon deliveries with a little sprinkle of magic.

I love make-up, fake lashes, fake tans and Cardi B. nails. And since you’re a Lifer, I know you do too (or at the very least, get a kick out of what it takes for ladies like me to leave the house). Listen to my full podcast on everything here.

I’m all about accessories, cosmetics, and deals that make me feel fabulous, and in my opinion, looking younger than I did ten years ago. I hope they help you feel as put together and confident as they do for me.

Here are my top fake-beauty hacks

Chalene Lumify
Best eye whitening beauty hack

Lashify: Ladies, if you’ve ever worn strip lashes, or lash extensions, I would describe Lashify as a hybrid of the two. It’s fabulous to wake up with lashes on, and IMHO they are way faster, cheaper and more natural looking that strips or extensions. There is a learnng curve. And they are PRICEY…So you might want to start with the super affordable dupes “Flascara” on Amazon just to see if how you feel about the look. But I will say Lashify is FAR SUPERIOR. I wear B+12, 14, 14, 16, 14.

Lumify: These eye whitening drops literally make your eyes instantly look like a beauty filter! Visine doesn’t even come close! They brighten the whites of your eyes in a way that makes them look fresh, alert and young.

Boob Tape: This stuff is brilliant! When the girls need a little lift and perfect placement in that deep cut v-neck dress, backless dress, or weird halter top, this adhesive tape does the trick. It’s actually super comfortable, stays in place and gives your girls all the lift you need. Pro tip… watch a few YouTube videos for the best tips and tricks for placement. 


Hair extensions
Realistic Fake Hair Beauty Tip

Goo-Goo Clip-In Extensions: I wore regular extensions for years but they were super expensive, damaging and I hated the maintenance. Now I just wear two little clips on the sides to help add volume to the fringes of my “wolf cut.” (I’m going to do a Youtube video to show you how I cut and sew those little custom pieces). But if you want to add instant volume, or length or just to have a new look for date night… these clip-ins from Amazon are 100% human hair and the most amazing price and quality I’ve ever found (under $60!!).

Sally Hansen Legs: My Irish skin is naturally white, veiny and pale.  Think of this stuff as concealer for your lower half (aka body blur) I can vouch for their claims, “Covers freckles, veins, and imperfections, stimulates microcirculation for healthier and firmer looking legs and feet”. It will stay on in water but washes off with soap. The downside is it will get on EVERYTHING! But it does wash off. Do not wear with white! 

St. Tropez Body Blur: When I need to wear light colors, this is what I use. Pro tip: Put it on all exposed skin, allow to dry to like 15 minutes before getting dressed. This stuff gives you a beautiful bronze sheen and covers up freckles and imperfections with a bit more sheer coverage than the Sally Hansen option. 

Tanning Beauty Secrets

Loving Tan: Shout out to my younger sister Jenelle Summers for this suggestion! My current go-to for self-tanners because it’s a mousse that goes on easily with an instant bronze so you can see where you’ve missed. It actually smells pretty nice and it’s less drying than most self-tanners I’ve used in the past! It dries in one minute so you can literally put in on 5 minutes before heading to the beach and look instantly tan. I have only used the medium so far, but just ordered the dark. I’ll keep you posted. 

Toppik Hair Fibers – Ladies… get this! This hair powder is your best friend if you have thinning hair, dark hair with a white scalp, grays, or growth you need to minimize before your next salon visit. I use Medium Blonde. It’s a keratin protein hair fiber/powder that can be used to define hairlines, add volume, camouflage re-growth and disguise thinning hair in 2 seconds flat. I always add this to my part and my edges when I wear my hair up. 

Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines: Well, this might not be a fake beauty tip, but it’s definitely a hack! I love a good glass of wine or Prosecco, but I hate how regular varieties (even those labeled as organic) make me look and feel the next day. Sugars, toxins, and unlabeled toxins do a number on your skin, eyes, and always create puffiness.  If you want the best beauty tip of all… avoid alcohol entirely. But if you’re going to indulge… I highly suggest … Dry Farm Wines. They are not a brand of wine or grower. Rather, they source and import wines and champagnes from European wineries to ensure they are 100% all natural, less than 1 gram of sugar, and lower in alcohol content. No more hangovers or next morning puffy face.

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