Changes Coming To Instagram 2022

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In today’s blog, I wanted to share very recent and important changes Instagram has implemented in 2022 with some of its features — currently in testing (coming to your account soon) or have already arrived. 

And why is it important to know about these particular Instagram changes?

Because it’ll affect the way you do business and the way you use IG on a day-to-day basis. When you understand these new features — even just a little — you’re going to be prepared for when they do suddenly pop up on your account, and adapt fast. And this will set you apart from your competitors on Instagram. 

Instagram Changes 2022 to Adapt to Features


Instagram TV is no longer a thing. Now, any IGTV video that you’ve posted in the past — basically, any video longer than a minute — will still live on your page, but just as a standard video. That goes the same with any future long(er) video you post. Instagram has just removed the term, IGTV.

Hence, all videos on Instagram are simply called Instagram video, with the exception of Reels and Stories.


While you’ve been able to use Instagram features from your laptop/desktop for quite some time, you can now 100% post directly from these devices. 

Video comment responses.

If someone leaves a comment on any feed post you make — whether it’s a carousel, Reel, graphic — you can reply to that comment with a video. And that video becomes its very own post.

This feature has been super popular on TikTok. It’s a great way to:

  • engage/interact with your audience
  • show people you’re happy to answer specific questions
  • demonstrate that you take your comments seriously

Video Comment Responses Changes Coming Instagram 2022

Filter notifications. 

Instagram’s notifications page has been a jumbled mess for the longest time. But now you can actually filter your notifications. Meaning, you can filter to see just the comments or check out the people who have tagged you in certain posts, etc. 

Suggested posts in feed. 

When scrolling through your main home feed, you’ll start to see posts from users who you don’t already follow. The algorithm will determine which posts gets recommended.

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