How To Deal With Being Left Out By Friends

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Picture it: A brand new pic pops up on Instagram Stories of all your friends hanging out… without you. You do a triple take. Is it real? What’s going on? You didn’t even know there was a get-together. Nobody told you! 

Well today, I’d like to give a few tips on how to deal with this situation because, let’s be honest, everyone gets left out at some point. And it hurts!

Deal With Left Out Friends Hurts

How To Deal With Being Left Out By Friends

Tip #1: Don’t take it personally. 

Tip #2: Give everybody that’s involved the benefit of the doubt. 

Crafting a story/narrative in our head — which is most likely not based in any sort of reality — is arguably the worst thing we can do. 

All that happens is that we make the situation more complicated, resulting in:

  • assuming unfavorable things in others
  • self-victimization
  • imagining what else might go wrong

“Oh, I bet they didn’t invite me because ______.”

Who knows why? 

Creating Stories in Head About Why Friends Left You Out

Until you do know why…

Having the conversation to find out what’s going on.

As soon as you consider having “the talk” with that friend(s) who excluded you, don’t think of it as a confrontation. If you do, you’re starting from an adversarial place — and no one wins when we approach a conversation from the standpoint of:

  • enemies
  • putting somebody on blast
  • defensiveness

The best way to pursue this dialogue is to:

  • have a low-key conversation 
  • don’t play the victim
  • make no assumptions 

Bottom line: There’s a good chance you just don’t know the circumstances. 

Personal anecdote: I’ve done this approach in similar situations. 

If it’s something I wanted to be invited to, I’ll reach out, very casually, to that person and say,

“It looks like you guys had so much fun. I was so wishing I was there. Next time you’re doing something like that, please make sure I’m on the guest list (or please make sure you let me know) because I would love to be a part of that.”

That’s it!

And if it (no invitations) continues to happen repeatedly, well then I know I wasn’t meant to be a part of this group — which means they don’t deserve me. 

And same goes for you. We all deserve friends who makes us feel better, seen and appreciated.
Feeling Left out By Friends When Should Loved and Appreciated

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