How to 10X viewers on Instagram Stories – This Actually works!

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Are you looking to skyrocket your viewership on Instagram Stories? With the right strategies, you can see a significant increase in your story views. As shared by my son, Brock Johnson, a seasoned Instagram growth strategist, these proven techniques can enhance your reach and engagement on the platform. Whether you’re a business aiming to amplify your reach or an influencer seeking to boost your engagement, these methods are key to achieving tangible results on Instagram Stories.

Understanding Instagram Story Dynamics

Before diving into the strategies, it’s crucial to understand why Instagram Stories are so vital. They are the gateway to starting the sales process, engaging with followers, and turning them into customers.

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Instagram Stories: Keep it Short and Sweet

The first tip to boost your story views is to keep your content brief. Instagram Stories are designed for quick consumption. While you can record up to 60 seconds, shorter stories tend to hold attention better. People are often multitasking while consuming content, so it’s unrealistic to expect them to watch a full 60-second story without interruption.

  • Avoid long-winded stories: Try to keep your videos brief and to the point.
  • Edit for clarity: Use editing tools to cut out unnecessary parts and make your story concise.

Brock Johnson Instagram Stories quote - less is more

Leverage the Power of Text-Based Stories

Interestingly, text-based stories tend to perform exceptionally well. People like to read at their own pace, and Instagram recognizes the time spent on these stories as a form of engagement.

  • Use text for storytelling: Convert your ideas into written form on your stories.
  • Encourage pausing to read: Use stickers or prompts to remind viewers to pause and read your story.

Don’t Forget Closed Captions

Always include closed captions in your stories. Many people watch Instagram Stories with the sound off, so adding captions ensures your message reaches a broader audience.

Use Engagement Stickers Strategically

Instagram’s engagement stickers are a fantastic way to boost interaction. Choose stickers that require minimal effort from viewers, like the emoji sticker, and avoid ones that demand more input, like the question box.

  • Select easy-to-use stickers: Opt for stickers that facilitate quick engagement.
  • Guide your audience: Use a call to action in your stories, guiding viewers on what to do next.

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Avoid Overusing Canva Templates

While Canva templates can make your stories look polished, they can also come across as inauthentic. The most viewed stories are often simple, with a black background and white text, indicating that authenticity trumps design complexity.

Instagram Stories: Less Can Be More

Posting fewer stories can actually be more effective. When you overload your story feed, viewers are more likely to skip them altogether. Focusing on quality over quantity can lead to better engagement.

Take Regular Breaks from Posting

Occasionally taking breaks from posting stories can reset the algorithm in your favor. This strategy allows your content to stand out when you do post.

Text Hierarchy and Design

When creating text-based stories:

  • Avoid borders: Keep text away from the edges of the screen.
  • Align text to the left: This makes it easier to read and skim.
  • Use text hierarchy: Create headlines or hooks in bolder or larger text for emphasis.

The Truth About Instagram Story Algorithm

It’s important to note that stories don’t significantly contribute to growing your following or reaching new people. They are excellent for engagement and sales but not for expanding your reach.

Staying Ahead with Instagram’s Evolving Algorithm

To stay ahead in 2024, it’s crucial to adapt to the changes in Instagram’s algorithm. This includes understanding how different content types like Reels, carousels, and photos can be used strategically to grow your following.

Your Path to 10X-ing Instagram Story Views

By implementing these strategies, you’re well on your way to increasing your Instagram Story views by tenfold. It’s about understanding the platform, being authentic, and engaging with your audience in a meaningful way.

Take the Next Step in Your Instagram Growth

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Empower your Instagram journey with these practical tips and watch your story views soar to new heights!


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