How To Get More Engagement on Instagram | The 2024 Algorithm Secret

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In the dynamic world of social media, understanding how to get more engagement on Instagram is like cracking a secret code. And guess what? I’ve got some insider knowledge to share with you, straight from my son, Brock Johnson, who’s a whiz when it comes to Instagram strategies. He’s been closely monitoring the platform’s changes, especially the 2024 algorithm updates, and he’s got some fantastic insights that will revolutionize your Instagram game.

The 2024 Instagram Algorithm: What’s New?

Let’s kick things off with the latest algorithm secrets for 2024. Instagram is constantly evolving, and staying ahead means understanding these changes. Brock has been analyzing the trends, and his findings are eye-opening. We’re talking about shifts from Reels being the focal point to a more balanced content strategy that includes carousels and photos.

Boost Engagement with Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels has been a game-changer, and it’s still a significant player in boosting your profile. But, as Brock pointed out, it’s not just about creating Reels; it’s about mastering them. He emphasizes the importance of the ‘hook’ – that crucial first few seconds that can make or break your viewer’s interest. 

Here’s how you can nail it:

  1. Spend a significant amount of time crafting an engaging hook.
  2. Study viral Reels to understand what works.
  3. Reuse your best-performing content with a fresh hook to see improved results.

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Photos and Carousels Making a Comeback

Buckle up because photos and carousels are back in the limelight! The Instagram CEO himself has hinted at a shift in the algorithm to balance the reach between Reels and non-Reels content. This is a big deal because it opens up more opportunities for engagement across different types of posts.

Shares are the New Engagement Currency

One of Brock’s key predictions for 2024 is that shares will become the most critical form of engagement. Why? Because a single share can translate into 400 additional views! 

So, what kind of content gets shared the most? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Emotionally resonant or thought-provoking content.
  • Controversial or conversation-starting posts.
  • Trending news or pop culture content.

Brock Johnson get more engagement on Instagram quote - shares

Watch Rate: The Game-Changer for Reels

The watch rate, or the percentage of the Reel watched by an average viewer, is becoming increasingly important. The trick is to create content that’s just long enough to cover your message but short enough to keep viewers hooked. Here’s how:

  1. Aim for concise, engaging content.
  2. Edit out any unnecessary pauses or filler words.
  3. Monitor your analytics to understand viewer behavior and adjust accordingly.

Hashtags and Trending Audios: Less Impactful Than Before

In a surprising twist, Brock suggests that hashtags and trending audio are losing their effectiveness. Instead of focusing on these, prioritize creating quality content that speaks to your audience and serves their interests.

Brock Johnson get more engagement on Instagram quote - hashtags

Your Strategy for Instagram Success in 2024

So, what’s the secret sauce for Instagram success in 2024? It’s about adapting to these algorithm changes and focusing on creating content that resonates with your audience. Whether it’s through engaging Reels, captivating photos, or informative carousels, the goal is to produce content that your followers want to share and engage with.

Tap Into Your Instagram Potential

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Embrace these strategies and watch your Instagram engagement soar in 2024!


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