Does Trending Audio Really Matter on Instagram?

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Have you been sucked in by marketing experts who tout that trending audios on Instagram and TikTok will make you go viral? Have you jumped on a particular sound the instant it got popular because someone with a huge following said to do so?

Don’t worry! You’re not alone. That particular kind of marketing for “trending audio alerts” is super popular. Even Brock and I have encouraged our followers to jump on the trending audio bandwagon. We’re not going to stop promoting audios in the InstaClubHub…but what we won’t do any longer is smother our feeds with FOMO statements about them, because here’s the truth: only a very small percentage of people choosing them actually go viral.

The Truth About Marketing

Trending audios exist for a reason, and from time to time, yes, someone might go viral. But here’s the harsh truth of the matter: IG coaches promote trending audios because it serves them. It’s a way to market that generates tons of engagement for themselves, but does very little for the person scrambling to hop on the trend before it dies.

Too many IG experts and coaches are smothering their feeds with “trending audio alerts.” It’s a lot like a nutrition coach who only pushes weight loss pills. It’s sensationalized, creates FOMO and really only serves a small piece of the population. To achieve weight loss successfully, most people need diet and exercise advice, plus discipline. But a coach who talks about the quick fix tirelessly, and often, will get a bunch of followers who like a good shortcut. And who benefits? The coach selling the pills, that’s who!

So, is it a marketing scam? Yes and no. We’re just here to say… don’t kill yourself scrambling to use a trending audio hoping you’ll be the 1% for whom it actually works.

Should you use them? Sure! We do. But just know the “why” behind your favorite marketers’ strategies in telling you to “hop on right this instant.”

IG trending audio

Why Use Trending Audios? 

Instagram determines which Reels to show us scrollers by considering:

  • If a Reel is watched all the way through
  • Number of likes
  • If watchers think it’s fun/funny
  • If they go to the audio page to make their own Reel

Including trending songs in Reels often captures people’s attention, which increases engagement.

Furthermore, using audio in your Reels matters because the algorithm prioritizes Reels that encourage others to use audio in their Reels.

So, the payoff can be:
  • Going viral: Thanks to an audio’s popularity, you just might get on the explore page, get some shares, or even luck out on a remix.
  • Becoming memorable: People remember things with their eyes and ears, so doing both can be a big win.
  • More engagement: IG prioritizes Reels that use audios that others want in their own Reels. Every time they do, they’re engaging with your page and sharing your sounds.


Trending Audio Best Practices

Look, I’m not here to discourage you on Instagram in any way. I’m all about IG and teaching people how to use it well and stay ahead of the curve since it’s always changing. What works one day doesn’t work another.

For the foreseeable future, trending audio will continue crushing it. You just need to set realistic expectations and not trust every IG coach out there who might be asking you to jump on a trend when they’ve got their best interest at heart, not yours.

So, don’t spend tons of time in the trending audio frenzy. If and when it makes sense for you to use some of these audios: go for it!

Just use caution when following the self-proclaimed gurus out there who will literally have you chasing your tail for their own benefit.


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