How To Get Workout Motivation Back

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Today, I have some simple tips to get your workout motivation back! To be clear, the intention of this blog is NOT to necessarily get you back to your exercise prime. I mean, you may — but that is not the goal. 

Because no one will ever be where / who they once were. That, dear reader, is called the past.

And you have evolved.

Exercise Motivation Back is about The Now

To start — with getting your workout motivation back — I’d like you to just think about the kinds of things that put you in a happy and excited state.

I’ll provide a gentle nudge here…

The most common way for most of us to change our mood (in literal seconds) is…


Why? Well, it’s:

  1. Stored in a different area of our brain (that never forgets).
  2. So freaking powerful.
  3. Connected to our energy and our emotions. 

And 3, all by itself, is really all you need to be in alignment in order to get the habit of working out back.

Exercise Motivation Back Attached to Music Align

Next, I want you to make your goal of getting back to working out small(er) but specific. 

It won’t do you any good if you just decide…

“Yes, I’m going to get back into it and, better yet, I’m going all out!”

…if you don’t have a specific plan in place. 

Tip: Decide how many times you’re going to get your body moving this week. 

Recommendation: I hope that you’re working out, in some capacity, for four days (within a week’s time). However, if you can only do one — that is just fine. But you must decide NOW instead of leaving it to chance. 

My definition of movement, by the way, is something that should be very doable (for you). 

You’ll never get your workout motivation back if the exercise(s) you choose feel overwhelming or daunting or like a punishment. 

Maybe, at this time, a 5-minute power walk around the neighborhood sounds possible, yet also challenging.

Exercise Motivation Back Power Walk

Make a plan to begin going to bed a little earlier.

Now, I’m not speaking of some major adjustment here!

That said, simply getting to bed even a half hour earlier will, most likely, have you getting up a littler earlier, too. And feeling so much more energetic throughout the day!

So, with MORE time in your day, and MORE verve, it’ll be far easier to get your workout in. Don’t think, though, that I’m staunch about you needing to exercise first thing in the AM.

No, no, no.

To be fair, that was something I may have assumed years ago, but now I know that the best time to exercise is when you are least likely to have it be interrupted.

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