How To Make Life Less Complicated

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Looking to make life less complicated? Well, you’ve come to the right place! That alone has been my mission ever since I can remember.

Someone recently asked me, actually, what my purpose is in life. I replied, “I know very well what my purpose is, and it’s what guides me no matter what I’m doing. Whether it’s fitness, or nutrition, or business, or life coaching, or podcasting, or parenting, you name it, my mission is to help people live a happier, healthier, and less complicated life.”

How To Live A Less Complicated Life

So, today, you’ll find 10 quick tips designed to help you feel more peaceful. It’s time to remove some of the complications you don’t need.

Tip #1: Stop trying to control other people (and outcomes, too).

Now, you might be thinking to yourself right now, “Oh, shoot. I don’t do that, Chalene. I mean, I worry, but I don’t try to control people or situations.”

Well, news flash! If you’re worried about what someone is doing or how things will turn out, you’re trying to control them. Worrying will have zero impact on the outcome. Even if you’re worrying about the safety of someone or their well-being, you’re still ultimately trying to control the outcome. You’re trying to do something that, frankly, only God can do. You’ve just got to let it be.

Tip #2: Say no a lot more than you are saying yes.

I love keeping my doors open, my options open, but I’ve learned that if I want my life to be more peaceful, I need to be doing less. It took me years to learn this.

Many times when you say yes to something, you’re saying no to something you really want to do.

Saying Yes Too Often Can Make Life Complicated

Tip #3: Listen to your intuition.

When there’s a little voice inside you saying, “This might make things very complicated” — listen. Clearly, I’m not talking about ignoring fear. I think it’s courageous to feel fear and take action anyway.

Don’t not do something because you’re afraid of failing or you’re afraid of people judging you. Just do it. Freaking do it! But if the little voice in your head says, “This is going to make my life much more complicated,” you better sit up and pay attention.

Tip #4: Focus on one thing at a time.

The periods of time — with Bret, my husband — where things got dangerously messy in both our marriage and businesses, was when we tried to do too many things at once. You must focus on what you should be doing right now during the season you’re currently in.

Tip #5: Use a daily plan.

This is precisely the reason I created the PUSH Journal. And yes, I think that the PUSH Journal is the absolute best, easiest, most uncomplicated way for you to have a daily plan, and you should get a set. Seriously, you’ll have the most rocking 90 days of your life.

Using A Daily Plan Makes Life Less Complicated

But frankly, as I’ve said many times, I don’t care if you use my journal, but you definitely need to use something that’s not complicated!

Nothing feels more overwhelming and complicated than trying to keep track of everything you’re supposed to do in your head. Good luck with that.

For the remaining 5 tips and FAR more detail on the previous 5, you must listen to the podcast below (recently featured on The Chalene Show)!

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