Avocado Toast Recipe (Easy and FAST)

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Avocado Toast Recipe (Easy and FAST)  

Being as this recipe is a staple at the Johnsons (and, let’s be honest, one of the few I can actually do well!), we’re always stocked up on the ingredients. Which might be why I always seem to go back to it. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Judge me all you want. 

And for my vegan friends out there… if you don’t eat eggs, you can easily enjoy this as veggie toast! Still delicious! 

What do you add to your Avocado Toast? Tell me in the comments below! You’ll find out my fave bonus ingredient in the video…


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Any fun and useful takeaways? Tell me in the comments!






3 responses to “Avocado Toast Recipe (Easy and FAST)”

  1. My favourite part of the egg video was how hungry the dog looks! Never thought of putting olives on avacodo smash I will try it this weekend!

  2. All of it but mostly when you called Bret savage and also when you made a mess with the avocado and then licked it off the plate. You are so down to earth and funny, I always end up lmao over you both. Thanks for being you.

  3. Tapping the toast on the toaster- floaty thing in the pan, licking your fingers to clean up the plate. You do you very well.

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