How To Stop Eating At Night

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Has eating at night become a problem for you? I know you’ve heard some common “remedies,” like:

Just take a bubble bath!
Paint your nails!
Enjoy a nice walk.”

Those are great suggestions, sure, but we also know they are replacements. Things that are basically a temporary fix (aka Band-Aid).

Temporary fixes won't cure eating at night

Allow me to mention that this blog is about the average person who, from time to time, stuffs their face at night. However, this isn’t about binge eating. That is something very different.

If you suspect that you do, in fact, struggle with disordered eating, binge eating, or problematic nighttime feeding… please consult with a professional.

Now, let’s dig into some habits that will cure your late-night cravings!

Number one: Go to bed.

Have you ever gone to bed and thought,

Why did I eat all that? I’m not even hungry!”?

Not only are you uncomfortable physically, but you’re uncomfortable mentally. Go to bed earlier and remember that you need to show respect for your body. Treat yourself well in the hours before you go to bed.

Number two: Have something neutral.

You don’t need the extra sugar / fat / carbs / protein. Enjoy something that’s preferably low in sugar and calorie-free. Water would be ideal. Put something in your body you don’t need physically, but, rather, emotionally.

Make wise choices. Instead of doing a cocktail, do a sugar-free wine. Decaf hot tea. A cup of bone broth with a squeeze of lime. That’s my favorite, especially when I’m fasting.

Substitute Healthier Options When Eating At Night

Number three: Change the habit which makes eating too easy.

Does sitting on the couch and watching TV sound all too familiar? Instead, you can still sit on the couch and watch TV if that’s your evening routine, but do something with your hands. Maybe use that time to fold laundry.

What I’ve started doing with my last hour of the evening (while the TV is on), is using it to prepare for the next day. That’s when:

  • I’ll fill up my three water bottles.
  • Take my supplements.
  • Write out to-do lists in my PUSH journal.
  • Get the coffee ready for the next morning.
  • Pull out everything I need for my morning work out.

Hence, I keep busy.

In essence, what I’ve done is attached a healthier habit to a pre-existing habit. I’m still watching a documentary with Bret, for example, but now I’ve attached something more productive to it!

Whatever your habit is, figure out what other habit could replace the not-so-healthy one.

Create New Habit To Stop Eating Late At Night

For the remaining 4 habits, plus why you’re eating this way at night and how to know if you actually do have a problem… LISTEN TO 7 ways to Stop Eating and Drinking At Night on The Chalene Show NOW!

Oh! For a penny bottle of sugar-free wine included with your purchase, check out Dry Farm Wines! We, at the Johnsons, love this company! They’ve totally changed how I drink at night. Delicious, sugar-free, and carb-free wine! Craziness.


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