Why People Trust Influencers More Than Brands

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It is said that people trust influencers — who sell them something — more than actual brands (perhaps even selling the same thing). But why is that? 

Why People Trust Influencers over Brands

First, though, let’s break down different ranges — in regard to size — of influencers.

Nano influencer. 

There’s no scientific definition here, but the general consensus will say,

a person who has an authentic engaged following anywhere from 500 to 10,000 followers. 

That said, some people believe that a nano influencer has less than 5000 followers (and no more).  

Micro influencer.

Anyone with a following from 10,000 all the way up to 250k.

Now, the number to really pay attention to when trying to find a nano or micro influencer is their average engagement. This matters a lot more (to brands) than the exact follower count.
Engagement is what Matters to Brands and Influencers

We’re seeing a huge surge in the popularity of nano and micro influencers because Facebook (and other forms of) advertising have become less and less effective and more and more expensive. 

Meaning, the average consumer is thinking,

“Yeah, I don’t really wanna hear from the brand!” 

Think about the accounts that have your attention on social media. Is it Adidas or Amazon or Netflix? Probably not.

We follow people! And we follow people we trust.

When someone we trust and admire makes a recommendation about whatever — e.g., products, clothes, drinks, travel — we want to know where/how to get it, too. 

We Trust Influencers over Brands And Want their Recommendations

In a nutshell, this explains why influencers, in general, have been an incredibly valuable and cost-effective way for many brands to reach a larger audience. 

Money corrupts, though.

Lots of mega influencers have caught on to the fact that they can buy their followers, and even pay for engagement.

You might think,

“Well, yeah, but aren’t big brands savvy to that kind of deceit?” 

Some are and some aren’t. At the end of the day, it can be hard to verify or prove it’s happening. 

For much on that, plus:

  • Qualities you need to posses to be a successful micro / nano influencer
  • How brands review your engagement with followers
  • The importance of engaging with your followers
  • How to stand out as a social media influencer

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