Why Is It Important To Admit When You Are Wrong?

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If you are able to admit when you’re wrong, it’s, not only important, but, an incredible benefit to you and everybody else involved.

Admit When You Wrong Beneficial for Everyone
Why It’s Important to Admit When You’re Wrong

Reason #1: Shows people you’re human. 

In other words, owning up to your mistakes (or whatever) makes you more humble and open-minded.

The bigness of saying… 

“You’re right, I was wrong.”

…cannot be overstated.

Side note: I also think it’s really important to be humble when you’re right — and it’s proven that you’re right. This is a tough one for some of us.

Reason #2: The joy of it.

It’s so crucial that we break that mentality that we can never be wrong.

I call it, the joy of making mistakes. JOMM, if you will (I think acronyms are so helpful for remembering!).

Taking pause and seeing the value in being wrong is truly a skill.
Value When Admit Wrong

Reason #3: You become teachable and curious. 

So, when you think someone is wrong (and you think you’re right) and they go to make their case, you have to sincerely hear them. 

Now, for most of us, when someone begins defending their beliefs, we just want them to hurry up and finish what they’re saying so that we can interrupt them and tell them how they’re wrong.

Are you coachable or are you fixed in your mindset? 

Asking questions of yourself, like…

  • Where could I be wrong?
  • What could I have known?
  • How might I see things differently?
  • What could I learn here?

…will really help in this way.

Any self help / personal development book (worth its salt) will tell you that learning about yourself, discovering where you’re wrong and need to improve in life, is a huge way of becoming more self aware.

Hence, teachable and curious.

Reason #4: Builds character and removes ego.

You must understand and know that being (or admitting when you’re) incorrect doesn’t make you a lesser person or less intelligent or less wise. 

People don’t think,

“Oh, that person admitted they’re wrong, which just proves they’re dumb.”

No. Quite the opposite, really. People will think you’re character is that much more impressive.

You can’t grow — expand your brain and thinking — if you think that you’re above making mistakes. It’s unbelievably limiting and stunting for your mindset! 

Not to mention, expressing your misguided ways helps you in removing ego from the situation. We’re all better individuals when not driven by ego!

Admit When Wrong Helps Remove Ego
My #1 tip to help you improve with admitting you’re wrong.

Simple: Find an opportunity to admit to someone that you’re wrong!

When we come clean over the fact that we’re incorrect or misguided or made an error, we break the shackles of perfectionism. And hey, perfectionism:

  • kills dreams
  • keeps us poor
  • ensures we remain anxiety-ridden
  • keeps us unfulfilled
  • is the thief of joy

And if that’s not enough for you to get out of your own way and find an opportunity to admit to someone you’re wrong… may I suggest immediate therapy!

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