What Are Instagram Subscriptions?

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While I may often say that whatever random new feature to Instagram — from Reels to Shops — is an important update, I truly feel that Subscriptions may be one of the bigger ones in recent memory.

So, what are Instagram subscriptions all about?

What Are Instagram Subscriptions Feature Big Change

Instagram subscriptions.

This new feature, basically, serves as a way for your followers to pay a monthly fee in order to unlock exclusive content from you. 

How it works.

Essentially, you’ll be able to add a little button onto your profile that says subscribe. When people tap on that button, they’ll be prompted to add their payment information. And that’s it!

Now, what comes with that? 

Currently, when people subscribe, they get access to exclusive, subscriber-only:

  • Stories
  • Live videos

Not to mention, they get a little tiny purple crown badge next to their user name.

Meaning, any time they send you a direct message or comment on your post, there will be a little tiny badge next to their name — showing you and everyone else that this person is a subscriber.

Instagram Subscriptions Meaning Feature
Monthly fee.

You, the creator, get to determine how much your subscribers pay each month, starting as low as 99 cents and going up to as high as $99 (USD) — per month. 

Side note: When you’re setting it up, you’ll see that Instagram happens to recommend that you set your Subscriptions at $4.99 per month.
The future. 

As mentioned, Subscriptions are — at this time — only offering private Stories and Lives, but I’m guessing that in the future you’ll have the ability to post…

  • Reels
  • Polls 
  • Feed posts

…that only subscribers can see.

What about your non-subscriber followers?

Anyone following you can still watch all you normal non-exclusive content — whether it be Stories, Lives, Reels, etc.  

Your Followers Can Watch All Of Your Content on Instagram But Subscriptions If They Aren't Subscribed

And just FYI: Right before posting your Story or right before going Live, you’ll be given the option to decide where your content lives: general public Stories/Live or Subscriptions only.

Now, for why I feel this will ultimately be a huge shift to the platform and:

  • How Subscriptions will turn IG into a marketplace
  • Predictions on how people will utilize this new Subscribe button
  • Who will be the most successful when implementing Subscriptions

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