Why Instagram Stories Are Important

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Stories is where it’s at on the ridiculously important platform you may have heard of called… Instagram. Posting consistently on Stories is more beneficial to your IG game than your general feed, IGTV, and going Live. Why?

Posting Consistently on Instagram Stories Is Beneficial

Number one: It’s the easiest to produce.

All you have to do is open that Instagram stories camera and take a picture, video, boomerang, or whatever kind of content style you want. Just record and throw it up there.

Because they’re super simple to produce, expectations are lessened. No one is anticipating highly skilled content with perfect lighting, sound, editing, transitions, titles, makeup, and scripting. They’re only expecting…

Number two: The real you.

People expect you to be you on Stories. This greatly increases the chances of your channel / influence / impact growing because people will get to know, like, and trust YOU.

And it’s much easier to be the real you than to try to be this fake social media perfect version of yourself.

Just Be You on Instagram Stories

Number three: Scarcity effect.

Stories only last for 14 hours. Meaning, your audience is highly likely to engage with your content on a daily basis because they know (they’re freaking conditioned to know!) that content only lasts for one day.

Number four: Fun.

Maybe you’re a photographer and you love Photoshop, so perhaps the feed is the most fun thing for you. Or you might be a YouTuber, so you’re loving IGTV. Or it could be that you got your start on Periscope, and so Instagram Live feels the most comfortable for you. But for most, I think, the ability to quickly and creatively produce short form video content is the most crazy fun of the 4 types of current IG content available.

Number five: Highly engaging.

Instagram Stories promotes engagement

Stories are, no doubt, the most engaging piece of the Instagram platform. Users are way more likely to consume Stories than view posts.

Which means you’re able to serve more people, build better relationships, and engage with more followers every single day on Stories than on your feed.

Now, something you must keep in mind is that everyone’s audience prefers different kinds of content. The lesson here is to engage with your audience (poll them), and inquire as to what kind of content they prefer! Do some analytics and testing to find out what kind of posts are working best for you.

If you’re looking for a whole bunch of detail on the other 3 kinds of content (Live, IGTV, Feed), then you must check out The Best Type of Instagram Content on Build Your Tribe NOW! You’ll also hear my son, Brock Johnson’s, personal journey in the world of social media. From his High School days (when Vine was a thing) to becoming a leader in Story marketin


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