Is It Ok To Dream Big?

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You would think that to dream big was more a thing today than ever with the advent of social media. But, I’m not so sure. Case in point…

A direct message I recently received on Instagram inspired this blog. It was in response to one of my Stories — filmed at my beach front home. This is how the dialogue went:

Instagrammer:Chalene, I’m young right now. I’m only 24, but someday I hope to live in my dream home. Of course it won’t be as nice as yours, but I really hope I can achieve my dream home.”

Me:Why won’t it be as nice as mine? Why wouldn’t it be better than mine?

Instagrammer:Well, I mean, I don’t know. Maybe because I just don’t think that’s really in store for me.

Sadly, DMs such as this are all too common.

What people — like our Instagram friend — are basically saying is… they don’t expect a dream of theirs to really come true.

Dreaming Big Means You Believe in Yourself

I want you to know that whatever it is you want must start with a seemingly unrealistic belief.

And what do I mean by “seemingly unrealistic”?

Your dream feels undeserved and too big. No one you know, personally, has accomplished something THAT bold, so your mind is unable to wrap around the fact that it CAN happen in real life.

Here’s one of my go-to lines: “Have dreams and goals that are big and scary, but still within the realm of audacious reality.”

Whatever the dream may be:

  • Living in your dream home
  • Having a calm relationship with your spouse
  • Feeling healthy every day

It all starts with you believing that it’s possible.

You Must Believe In Your Big Dreams

Therefore, I’d like to challenge you to think about one thing in your life right now you wish was better, was different, could be more. The ONE thing where you’re like, “______ would make me feel amazing!”

Some suggestions, though:

  • DON’T fill in the blank (above) with an accomplishment, a purchase, or a material thing.
  • DO fill in the blank with something you desire, bringing abundance to your life.

It might be financial security, peace within your relationships, notoriety, or self worth. Whatever it is, it must currently be a void in your life AND something you believe possible to have on a really big scale.

There’s no need to make this big dream public yet, but I recommend putting it in writing.

For much more on this, like why we often set our own limits and why you must — eventually — announce your new-found dream (on a small scale), listen to the podcast below…

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