My Son and I Went Viral Dancing

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Why Food Rules Suck

WARNING: I’m about to preach about dieting! Other people’s food rules are for fools! There is no universal truth when it comes to nutrition. Some might have a steady diet of Lucky Charms, beer, and French fries and still look and feel amazing. Others can just simply walk past a donut shop and gain 10 pounds.

The moment you swear off a particular food or define yourself by a diet, you’ve lost sight of true health.

So, I don’t know what you’d label the following video: a rant or a diatribe or a “talking to” — but thank you for letting me get this off my chest! 


Look, the heart of that IGTV is… you CAN do better when you KNOW better. And if you need a system (to know better), check out 131 Method! It’s legit why I created this program. To help you figure YOU out. Next group starts on Monday, the 7th!

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Podcast Feature of the week: Worst Branding Mistakes with Usernames

Are you trying to brand yourself on social media but remain confused as to what your username should be? You wouldn’t be alone. A common concern for many is whether or not they should have their business name or personal name for their account username. Well, in this week’s pod highlight, I’ll set the record straight! I’m going to review how to effectively brand yourself on social media platforms with the absolute best handle!


In other podcast news from this week:


My Son and I Went Viral Dancing

My son is 6’2” and it was really important for me to include this clip in Snapshot because YOU CAN NOT DENY HOW TALL I LOOK! #knowyourangles

In just days, our dance has amassed over 300K views! Woah.

So, leave me a comment below and tell the world who did it better! Me or Brock? 


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Dudes, you got dancing, health, social media, nutrition, relationship talk, business, and motivation ALL in one Snapshot! Is there anyone else you’re following who’s serving all that realness? Didn’t think so (she says with a proud smile).

Love you. Mean it.




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