How To Do Makeup Over 35

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All of us ladies can get stuck in a makeup rut. Let’s use foundation as an example. We think, “Okay, I know the number, the color, I’ve already been color matched… I don’t need to change anything!”

And so, you just keep buying that same foundation year after year after year. 

People Often Get Stuck In A Makeup Rut Including Foundation

Think back to your high school days. Imagine if your own mother was dressing from the decades prior. She had no idea. The poor woman was just doing her best and thought she was still stylish, but you knew better.

I’m conveying this to you because, yeah, it’s analogous to makeup. If you’re 35 or 40 years old and wearing what you wore years ago, it’s time for a change!

This might be due to a multitude of reasons:

  • Your skin changes appearance, color, texture — and so many other things your local dermatologist can tell you about —  due to sun damage or dryness or age spots, etc.
  • Perhaps you have some redness related to acne or hormones.
  • There might be changes in your skin brought upon by your nutrition or your immune system.

All of these changes mean you need to regularly change your…


When you see a noticeable difference in your skin, go to the makeup counter and ask for someone to color match you (for your skin type and tone).

If you’ve already found your favorite brand of foundation, awesome. Please, do your thing and stick with it. But — I’ll bet they’ve updated their formulation. It’s probably safer now, too, with fewer chemicals in it. 

By the way, there’s a wonderful app — Think Dirty (not sponsored) — that allows you to scan or enter your favorite beauty products. After you do so, it’ll tell you what type of toxins may or may not be included. So neat, right!?


There was this period of time — about 10 years ago — where it was very popular to line the top of the eye and the under eye (i.e, inner lid, waterline).

Makeup Techniques For The Eyes That Are Not In Fashion

However, that is not the style in 2020. 

Sure, it might change in 2021, but, at the moment, the consensus is that look makes your eyes appear smaller.

I remember the first I stopped lining my waterline, probably about 5 years ago, and I thought, “Oh my goodness gracious, I look so tired. It doesn’t look like I have any makeup on!”

It wasn’t until I started posting pictures of myself with this new appearance that I began to realize I had been making a mistake all along.

See, I got so many positive messages from people! Nobody will speak the truth (and notice subtle or not so subtle changes) like your internet friends! Even now, people will say,

“Have you had an eye surgery or something? Your eyes look really different. You look younger now. What’s going on?”

And all it took was changing the way I line my eyes so that it gives the impression, or so people tell me, of an eye lift. Which, for the record, I haven’t had. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But girl, we’re barely getting started! In The Chalene Show podcast below, I’ll go into much more makeup detail and, plus, cover all things hair and clothes, too!

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