Most Personal Questions Answered

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Ever wondered about the more intimate aspects of someone’s life, even those slightly uncomfortable topics? Well, I’m diving headfirst into the realm of personal questions – the kind that can make even the most seasoned individuals squirm. From my experiences with Botox fillers to handling the risk of cameltoe, I’m here to address it all. 

These queries, sourced from my Instagram community, are as candid as they come, and I promise to tackle each one, no matter how sensitive For all the juicy details, be sure to check out the full podcast episode and YouTube video below.

Q: What cosmetic enhancements have you had done?

A: I started Botox in my thirties, mainly for my forehead, keeping away from the eyes for a natural look. I’ve tried fillers in my temples and might go for subtle lip fillers.

Q: How have you navigated marriage challenges?

A: Our marriage had its tough times, but we overcame them with commitment, therapy, and a mutual desire to grow.

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Q: How did Bret’s lifestyle changes impact his appearance?

A: We’ve both made health adjustments, leading to noticeable changes, without special treatments like semaglutide.

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Q: How did you move from fitness focus to body acceptance?

A: During my fitness video days, I struggled with body image. Now, navigating perimenopause, I’ve shifted to a more holistic health approach.

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Q: Any tips for avoiding cameltoe in leggings?

A: A simple hack: use thin, silicone nipple covers in your leggings to prevent this issue.


And there you have it – a whirlwind Q&A tour through some of my most personal experiences and insights. If you’re craving more, don’t forget to:

  • 🎧 Listen to the full episode #1043 of The Chalene Show here.
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Remember, embracing your journey, no matter how personal, is a path to true fulfillment. Keep exploring, keep questioning, and most importantly, keep being you. 💪🌟


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