7 [NEW] Exercises For Flat Abs!

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Let’s start off with THE most important thing happening in America this weekend! And if you’re thinking it’s the Super Bowl, you got another thing coming…

My birthday is on Sunday!

Now, normally, I NEVER talk about my birthday. EVER!

Why? Well, you beautiful people are so lovely and always want to send me stuff.

Here’s the thing, though… gifts are NOT my love language.

My love languages are Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service!

So, if you’d like to do an act of service — which includes words of affirmation — I can tell you the ONLY thing I want for my birthday…

A REVIEW FOR The Chalene Show or Build Your Tribe or, why not, BOTH!

That would truly be the ultimate gift for me!

To find out how to leave a review, check out my IG Stories NOW before it disappears!


As Seen On IGTV: Why These Moms Need To Stop Pretending

Hey, Moms! Stop pretending and start sharing the truth!

The video below was inspired by a recent thought provoking and, perhaps, controversial post from my Stories. Now, while the title suggests it’s about all things mom, I promise that dads — and any parent-to-be — will find the content super helpful!

I’m able to go into a lot more detail on the subject in THIS HOT-OFF-THE-PRESSES PODCAST! Oh, and speaking of pods…


As heard on The Chalene Show, Podcast Highlight Of The Week: How to Memorize Your Content Before You Go Live on Instagram

Have you ever watched someone go live on Instagram or give a speech at a seminar and wonder, “WOW! How do they do that so seamlessly?!” If yes, well then you’re in luck today! In this episode of Build Your Tribe, I’ll share my own individual personal system for speaking live — whether it be on video or from the stage! 


Other Podcast Gems from this Past Week: 


As Seen On Facebook: 7 [NEW] Exercises For Flat Abs! 

With the Super Bowl happening this weekend, I’m sure the last thing on the mind of most Americans is how to get better abs. I mean, I get it. A fun party with your peeps, eating finger foods and drinking cocktails… deserves its place and time in our lives. Plus, there’s JLo’s halftime show, you know what I’m saying?

All that said, THIS would be the time to think about taking care of your health. Big events like the Super Bowl tend to have an unfortunate consequence in that it throws many off their good nutrition game. Sometimes it just takes ONE day — shoot, one second — to cause a major detour in our lives. Good or bad.

Anyway, as I’m sure you know, to really achieve the tummy of your dreams… you’ve got to focus on both diet and exercise. To nail down the nutrition side of things, y’all know I’m gonna send you to 131 Method. Who can argue with all those before and afters!

For exercise, I’d recommend starting with this ab video I legit made just for you! My recommendation is to do this series AFTER a lifting session, 2 to 3 times a week.

Ready for killer abs!? Hit that play!  


After the horrific helicopter tragedy last weekend, this week has forced us to hold the ones we love even closer. It reminded us to call those we think about often, but, for whatever reason, haven’t spoken to in a while. I do my best to let you know I love YOU as often as possible, but in case you haven’t heard it in a minute… I love you and appreciate you so much.




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