Snapshot | How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?

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Plus! The Most Important (And Ignored) Body Part & The Secret Sauce To Crush Your Goals!

Last week, we had a lot of comments on the blog! It made my weekend extra special knowing so many of you were touched by my heart to heart on faith.

Now, the headlining chat in this week’s Snapshot will, no doubt, strike a chord, too. Albeit a very different one! We’re talking alcohol and how much is too much. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, mmmkay?

Then we’re moving onto the most important – yet totally ignored – body part. #MustWatch

And finishing off with THE main tool needed to crush your goals! Just perfect for the New Year quickly approaching, right? You know I got you, boo…


Maritni LogoHealth Chat – How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?

Lots of people enjoy an alcoholic beverage! Whether it be cocktail, wine, or beer. Actually, according to The National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over 50% of Americans have had a drink within the last 30 days. Meaning, they qualify as a “regular” drinker – regardless of how much alcohol consumed.

I’m guessing most peeps think:

Oh, I really don’t drink that much.
My drinking is strictly social!
I’m good because all these studies show the benefits of a few glasses every night.

And, so on.

But listen, how many drinks is legit “too much”?

Researchers, doctors, beverage companies, and (even) governments have been telling us all sorts of conflicting 411 on this topic for decades. And honestly, I just need to set the record straight! Especially with the holidays upon us… as drinking definitely goes way up this time of year.

Just a little reminder to drink super responsibly this holiday season (and always), okie dokie?

Personal Development ChatPersonal Development Chat – The Secret Sauce To Crush Your Goals

We live in a time where millions of people seem to be sleepwalking through life. Automatons with heads in our phones. Not finding meaning in the same old daily routine. Perhaps you’re working hard at the office, but never arriving at a strong sense of pride and/or self-fulfillment in your tasks. Maybe you’re at the gym every freakin’ day, but never satisfied with your progress.

You wouldn’t be alone. This is because the majority of society doesn’t have a clue where they want to go in life. No sense of direction. No clear goals for what they want to achieve.

You need a plan to build a house. To build a life, it is even more important to have a plan or goal.” – Zig Ziglar

But having the goal(s) isn’t enough all by itself. You need something else. And that something else will be the determining factor in seeing your dreams realized…


In case you’re late to the party, one of my most beloved treasures is the PUSH Journal. It guarantees I stay accountable to ME. Monday thru Sunday. With over 250K sold, I’m not alone! Pick one up today and let’s get your goals on point and start 2019 ahead of the game!

Much love.



2 responses to “Snapshot | How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?”

  1. The three short videos; they ALL rocked it! I’m NOT big on alcohol either, never have been; ESP since I come from an alcoholic family! And now an older brother has just been diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic cancer!! 😖 Prayers out to him. (he drank for over 40 years) 😭😭
    The BRAIN video was so true! Traditional medicine doctors nowadays, sad, but quite get commission from big Pharma to push a lot of those “head meds”! I’ve chosen to come off them.
    And the last video abt “accountability” GOOD! Yes, it’s a KEY and prerequisite to staying in’line with yr growth as well as trying to keep circumspect with God’s will for our lives!
    God bless you snazy lady! 😹 If Chalene’s staff gets this, plz relay it to her. Thx

  2. Thank you for all the videos, especially the one on alcohol. I WOULD 💘 LOVE for you to do an episode on that subject. I have a very bad reaction the next day after drinking alcohol (which always accompanies terrible eating choices in tandem with my 3rd, 4th etc. drink…). I only seem to over eat and binge after my 3rd drink! Anyway, I don’t necessarily have a “hang over” (no nausea or headache) rather I get really inflamed and bloated – the inflamation gets so bad that my skin on my stomach will feel sore, like a bruise!! Anyway, I’m thinking I may be one of those people that as you mention can’t methalate it right.. I would love more insight on this! Thanks Chalene!

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