How To Succeed In An Online Course

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An online course. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Maybe you just signed up for a business academy or decided to attend a weekend coaching seminar (via Skype) or just purchased a hot-off-the-presses self-development e-book… one way or another, your goal is to improve YOU.

There is a problem I’ve noticed, though, in such scenarios (as wonderful as intentions may be).

When people dig into the foundational lessons of any new course (i.e., learning experience), it can be very common for negative thinking to surface.

How To Succeed In An Online Course

This is something I see happening in the courses I offer, such as Marketing Impact Academy (MIA). Students have the option to leave a comment under lessons and it’s quite predictable to find self-doubt running rampant.

Obstacle-focused comments, such as:

  • I don’t know if I have an expertise 
  • I’m stuck 
  • But my business is different
  • I’ve tried this thing and it failed 
  • Wait, though, I don’t have a social media following 
  • Nothing really makes me unique 
  • I don’t have anything to offer.

Ladies and gentlemen, while these comments might feel true, they do not serve you, your course, or the community. You are not the exception. The process works for everyone who is willing to try and keep trying. 

Frankly, those who will have the toughest time are those who lack belief.

Struggles With Your Course Online

Your thoughts and beliefs of the past have created this moment, and all the moments up to this moment. What you are now choosing to believe and think and say will create the next moment and the next day and the next month and the next year. – Louise Hay

I’m sure you can imagine the amount of studies out there to corroborate the above sentiment. And you know I’m about to give you one such example…

A review of studies by Psychological Bulletin – involving a combined total of over 275,000 participants – found that a positive outlook was in large part responsible for success. Proving that happiness aids in prosperity rather than the other way around.

Instead of taking the time to put your negative beliefs and perceived obstacles in writing, use that time to make it happen! 

Here are some suggestions:

  • Go through the problematic lesson again with a fresh perspective 
  • Listen to the course on audio with no distractions 
  • Be sure to use your worksheet when applicable 
  • Use a separate piece of paper for brainstorming 
  • Ask a wise friend with a strong opinion to help you answer questions 
  • Do additional research 
  • Be patient, sleep on it
  • Brainstorm and daydream 
  • Give yourself more credit and permission to dream

I’m asking you to see your own potential. If it’s possible for others, it’s possible for you, too, but only if you have the right mindset. 

Focus on your short comings and obstacles, and you’ll have more of both. 

Take action. Keep moving forward. Be decisive – knowing that if it’s the wrong path, a bad idea, or not quite right, we’ll adjust course as we go. But if you’re stuck in a ditch afraid to get on the wrong road, there’s no way to correct course. 

Switching Course With A Positive Mindset

No more bringing attention to your obstacles mentally, verbally, and definitely not in writing in whatever academy or course or business group you’re in!

What?! Are you saying we can’t ask for help or share our challenges?

Nope. Let me clarify! 

Until you have exhausted all of the above… your new mantra is “By any means possible!” 

I don’t sugar coat things, and I won’t allow you to engage in habitual thinking that is detrimental to your success.

Onward and upward!

You got this! 



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