Willpower: 5 Ways To Increase Willpower

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Willpower. It’s something we admire in others. We crave it for ourselves. Just search the word in Amazon books and you’ll find more than 1,000 results!

Plus, evidence continues to show – more and more – that willpower is vital for a life full of happiness and prosperity. How, though, do we achieve it?

Well, glad you asked!

Here are 5 ways to help you develop stronger willpower – i.e., better resolve.

How To Increase Willpower

#1: What do you want (and is it realistic)?

You have to do the research and ask, “You know, what is this going to take? What do I have to do in order to make that possible?

For example, a lot of times people want a particular body, right? They’ll go, “Well, yeah, I want to have a physique like that Instagram girl,” but they don’t really know what’s involved. They don’t know, perhaps, that she is on a very strict diet, spends two – three hours in the gym, and gets X hours of sleep. In other words, it’s a big commitment!

The question then becomes, “I mean, I want her body, but do I really want to take three hours of my day to do what it would require?” It doesn’t make sense to go after a goal you haven’t properly researched.

#2: What’s involved?

My husband and I owned Powder Blue Productions, a fitness company that certified people. We also sold fitness apparel, and held workshops / seminars / motivational trainings. There were 70 employees and consultants around the country. I literally always dreamed of having my own business, driving up into a business parking lot – seeing my company name across the top of the building. And I imagined how cool it would be to have people wearing my fitness apparel!

Willpower when working out

I knew what that looked like in my head, but I didn’t know what was really involved.

The reality was… we didn’t have a life with that many employees! Oh, and crazy responsibility and ridiculous stress. It was great to have a name across the building, but who really cares if you’re not sleeping, not eating, and stressed out. Looking back, I wish I had done a little more research to figure out what was really involved in having a pretty building with impressive name sprawled across it.

#3: Decide.

Make a decision to make it happen! And that decision to make it happen is followed by a plan.

#4: Play offense.

In other words, if you decided to stay married and want to ensure you are always in a committed relationship – never straying – then play offense… because going out for drinks with the girls three nights a week is playing dangerously.

Why Drinking Lessens Willpower

The people who have the greatest willpower set themselves up for success by not putting themselves in situations where they will be tempted.

For the fifth and final CAN’T MISS tip, you must check out my podcast on The Chalene Show, titled: Increase Willpower in 5 Steps! Not to mention, each and every point above is fleshed out with personal anecdotes you’re going to love!


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