What To Do On Instagram Live That’ll Motivate Viewers to Take Action

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Today, I’m sharing something that is so profoundly important whenever you’re doing an Instagram Live. And especially, if you’re intent is to motivate viewers/followers to take action. 

How To Motivate Viewers to Take Action on Instagram Live

What To Do On Instagram Live That’ll Motivate Viewers to Take Action

Now, to be honest, the model I’m about to share can be applied to almost any (live) performance:

  • webinar
  • speech from the stage
  • sales video

Bottom line: If your goal is to inspire people to take action — in a way that’s going to make their lives better or solve a problem for them — you’re reading the right blog.

So, the next time you go live remember these 5 steps and you will transform people.

Step 1: Start with the problem. 

If there’s one overriding theme of almost every social media episode that we (my son Brock and I) do on Build Your Tribe, it’s that people want to know what’s in it for them.

Hence, if you start your IG Live by describing the problem you’re going to solve, then your audience automatically is leaning in. They know what you’re about to share is meaningful/helpful for them.

Step 2: Tell them what the solution is.

To be clear, at this point, you’re not exactly sharing HOW to do it. But, rather, just the solution in blanket terms.

Step 3A: Paint the possibility.

If I, the viewer, follow the solution, I need to know how my:

  • life is going to change
  • business will be transformed
  • everyday will look and feel different
Tell The Viewer How You Will Solve Their Problem to Motivate Them on Instagram Live

Step 3B: Paint the unlikelihoods.

If 3A is all about the possibility, then I would add here it’s equally important to paint the picture of what will happen if they don’t follow/take your solution and/or advice.

It’s crucial to throw in a little bit of fear and say,

“Okay, if you don’t do this, here’s what you’re left with…” 

Which, to be honest, is probably where they are right now.

Step 4: Tell your audience what to do.

This is the mistake most speakers make — whether on Instagram Live or speaking on stage at a convention center.

I have seen so many motivating, captivating and charismatic speakers talk about a problem, a solution, what it looks like, they describe their own life, and then recap how it’s possible for you, too.

But they don’t tell you what to do! 

That’s because they left out Step 4.

The majority of people who are looking to learn are not seeking motivation. They want to be told what to do. 

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