Why Did Facebook Change Its Name to Meta?

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So much of the news dominating the headlines in recent weeks — in the social media world, especially — is Facebook changing its company name to Meta.

But why would they mess around with something as recognizable as their freaking iconic name?

Why Did Facebook Change Its Iconic Name to Meta

For now, Facebook is still Facebook.

Meta is the name that Facebook has changed its company name to. So, while they’re Meta, the company…

  • Facebook the app and platform is, as of now, still Facebook
  • Instagram is still known as Instagram
  • WhatsApp will continue to be known as WhatsApp
  • Messenger is still called Messenger

Why Many People Feel Facebook Changed Its Name to Meta

Some social media experts and commentators have speculated that this name change was the result of bad publicity Facebook got the week prior. You can’t deny the timing!

However, I really don’t think that was the culprit. 

Think about it: Could one of the biggest companies in the world change their name — or even be able to change their name — in a one-week start-to-finish process?

According to Instagram’s CEO and a few other Instagram/Facebook staff members, this is something they’ve been working on for months. And if you happen to follow the inter-webs of social media news, this name change has been talked about and rumored for months, as well.

Hence, this big change wasn’t something that just suddenly came about.

Sure, it’s possible they rushed it and got it out the door faster — to get eyeballs off of the recent media attention re: the Facebook data leak.

But again, considering all the above, I don’t think this was done to divert any negative attention or light.

Why Facebook Really Changed Their Name to Meta

What this name change boils down to is a public declaration of what Facebook (now Meta!) thinks the future of social media — and the internet, in general — is going to look like.

They believe that in the future the Internet will be more of an immersive experience.

Facebook Changed its Name to Meta becuase of The Future of the Internet

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