Why Is Testosterone Important in Females?

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Is testosterone actually important in females? Doesn’t it seem to fly in the face of public opinion/knowledge that we, ladies, should even be aware (or care about) this sex hormone?

Bottom line: This is such an important conversation to have because there’s so much misinformation out there surrounding this topic.

Testosterone in Women is Important Discussion to Have

Testosterone is a female hormone, too.

It just gets labeled as a male hormone! And that labeling results in women thinking it’s not necessary for them.

  • “Oh, we don’t need it!”
  • “It’s not important for us, though!”
  • “If my testosterone is low, who cares!”

This mindset may be due to the fact that women make 1/10th the amount of testosterone as men. However, this data/percentage in no way factors into how important this hormone is for our bodies, too.

Shocker: The average 30-year-old female has more testosterone in her body than estrogen.

So, what side effects do women low in testosterone experience?

I’ll let Dr. Kelly Casperson, urologist and podcaster (and recent guest on The Chalene Show) take this one:

[Low testosterone results in]…decreased energy, decreased vitality, feeling less like yourself. Decreased muscle mass. It’s kind of generic — just like men on testosterone… So, the guidelines in America really say testosterone for women is for low desire. That’s the legit reason you can go in and get testosterone. It’s rare you’re going to get it for vitality. But, I think… [testosterone is also important for preserving] muscle strength and bone health. But there isn’t a lot of data to say testosterone’s indicated for all of those things. But I have a lot of women on testosterone, along with their estrogen and progesterone, and they feel [all-around] fantastic.

Low Testosterone Results in Decreased Vitality in Women

Now, some of the most common things I hear from my audience as they continue to age is,

  • “I don’t feel like myself.”
  • “It’s harder to do my hair.”
  • “I just don’t have the energy.”
  • “It’s harder to look like myself.”
  • “I give zero F’s.”

The common theme being, I just don’t seem to care anymore.”

And they don’t like feeling that way!

So then, what’s the recommendation for women who share this sentiment? Do they go to their general practitioner? And what do they ask for? How do we become advocates for our own sexual health?

For that and much more related to this topic, you must check out my YouTube with Dr. Casperson below:

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