Why I Don’t Worry Anymore About What I Eat on Vacation

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In the past, I was so afraid to take a vacation. My worry was mostly centered around food, diet and exercise. Thoughts would consume me, like:

What if…

  • my safe foods weren’t there? 
  • I ran out of protein bars?
  • we eat at a restaurant?
  • people didn’t want to work out on any given day?

But not anymore!

On my recent trip, for example, I talked a lot (on IG Stories) about my food/drinks and exercise every day in Greece.

Don't Worry About Eat on Vacation Food Drinks Exercise

To be honest, my audience (knowing how I used to be) was astonished as to how liberated I was with all the things; often asking questions like:

“What made the difference for you, Chalene?” 

And the answer to that… I freed myself.


Well, a lot of ways. That said, here are 3 that made the biggest difference.

Why I Don’t Worry About What I Eat Anymore on Vacation

Disclaimer: Don’t necessarily do what I do — because what works for me might not work for you.

Remove triggering social media.

I don’t look at or follow any fitness/diet inspo. You know those accounts — constantly showing their food and workouts!

And hey, if that is inspiration for you… awesome.

For me, though, they made me feel like I needed to be doing more all the time. 

Hence, I just don’t look at that content. But, rather, I choose to follow people who I find inspirational.

Don't Worry About Eat on Vacation by Removing Triggering Social Media
Learning that no matter what I did I pretty much stayed the same

When I really restricted my calories and exercised nonstop (for months at a time), my body/weight would stay the same (while ravenously craving things that I wasn’t allowing myself to have, of course).

Then, I would have this period of “screw it!” mentality and eat whatever I wanted and not kill it in the gym. And, guess, what? I would basically stay the same. 

After years of this vicious cycle, I realized…

“Why am I going through all this effort if I basically experience no difference in my body?”

So, it was a light bulb moment for me!

Resulting in a much more chill vacation vibe — where you’re usually forced to stray off your normal eating/exercise routines. 

Vacation Eat No Worry Body Stays Same
Real food is okay (and actually better for you).

Almost everything I was eating back then — because I could control it — was protein bars and protein shakes. I knew exactly what was going into my body:

  • calories
  • macros
  • protein

Meaning, on vacation, I would worry about going to restaurants. Like, how would I freaking know how many calories I just ate?! The stress!

It took me years to realize that if I just focus on…

  • getting strong
  • eating real foods (I want to eat)
  • paying attention to when I’m full/craving

…that dining at restaurants is a beautiful part of vacationing. 

It’s crazy how much happier you become after not worrying about these little tiny things. 

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