How To Get More Views on Instagram Story 2021

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Every year — shoot, every day — the strategy will change on how to get more views on Instagram Story. Because of which, I’ve written blogs about this topic annually and continue to record podcasts on all things Instagram, weekly.

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#1 Tip To Get More Views on Instagram Story

Don’t post anything on your Instagram Stories for a 24-hour period. Yeah, you read that right.

But it doesn’t stop there.

When you come back to Instagram Stories a day and a half later, put up something with an engagement sticker. It doesn’t matter which kind:

  • Slider bar
  • Poll
  • Quiz
  • Question bar

Use one of these stickers and keep your question / action super simple to spark a lot of engagement.

Don’t make it one of those blank response question bars, asking people to volunteer something personal about their lives. Yikes. 

I’d suggest a “this or that” style poll. Like, throwing up 2 pics (beach and mountain, for example), side by side, and asking which they prefer.

Get More Views on Story with A This or That Poll Engagement Sticker

Anyway, use one of those quick and easy engagement stickers and then continue to go about your everyday Story business — getting right back into the routine of whatever you would normally do on Stories.

This simple trick — for most accounts — will reflect in a spike in views!


Well, Instagram’s algorithm is thinking,

“Hey, this person only has a couple of clips up but they’re getting a lot of engagement.”

And, not to mention, it’s comparing it to the previous day’s non-existent engagement.

Hence, the algorithm determines the clip must be great and will, then, show it to more people!

Now, if this little trick doesn’t work for your account (it’s not 100% fool-proof for everyone), you at least gave yourself a day off of Instagram Stories. And a social media vacation from just even ONE feature is never a bad thing.

For 4 additional tips to increase your Story views, check out this episode from Build Your Tribe now:

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