How To Find What You Were MEANT To Do

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Are you at a crossroads in your career or life, wondering if there’s something more you’re supposed to be doing? You’re not alone. Millions search for their true calling every year. This isn’t about finding a single grandiose purpose; it’s about discovering what genuinely lights you up. Here’s a four-step process to help you find what you were MEANT to do.

1. Identifying Multiple Callings

List your passions: Consider all your interests, no matter how small or unconventional they may seem. Remember, you can have more than one calling in your lifetime.

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2. Assessing the Potential of Your Passions

Evaluate for income potential: If making money from your passion is important, consider which of your interests has the market demand and growth potential.

3. Exploring Opportunities and Market Needs

Research and analyze: Look into the current market trends. Which of your interests aligns with these trends? It’s about finding a niche where your passion meets demand.

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4. Committing and Going All-In

Dive deep: Once you’ve chosen an interest, immerse yourself in it. Learn everything you can and become an expert in your chosen field.

Embracing Change and Adaptability

Your journey to finding your purpose is not static. Embrace the idea that you can pivot at any time. Your past experiences, even in entirely different fields, contribute to your unique perspective and skills. Be open to evolving passions and opportunities.

Finding Clarity in Action

Remember, clarity comes from engagement, not thought. You won’t find a crystal-clear path laid out for you. It’s about choosing a direction, taking action, and committing to it. Stay persistent and consistent in your pursuit.

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Your Next Adventure Awaits

Finding what you were meant to do is a journey of self-discovery, adaptability, and passion. Whether you’re at a career turning point or simply seeking a change, your next adventure in passion starts here. Embrace your unique path and all the possibilities it holds.

Dive Deeper into Your Journey

Your journey to finding what you were meant to do is unique and ever-evolving. Embrace it with an open heart and an adventurous spirit!


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