Podcast – 8 Stages of a Forever Relationship

Today, I discuss the stages of romantic relationships. Specifically, the not-so-pretty moments. You’ll hear how I got through some difficult relationship chapters in my life and plenty of advice/tips that’ll help you thrive (at any stage) in your relationship. This episode is essential listening — whether you’re currently in a relationship or hope to be.


You’ll find out:

  • Why understanding these relationship stages is crucial to the success of your long-term partnership
  • What is the passion stage
  • What I call the are we doing this? stage
  • My personal anecdote re: the realization stage
  • What is the so, we’re doing this stage
  • What is the rebellion stage
  • How couples counseling can make each of these stages less painful (and rid some altogether)
  • What is the explosion stage
  • What is the reunion stage
  • How empathy and therapy play a role in healthy relationships



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