The Best Content Creation Hack for Social Media

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Today, social media has become a crucial platform for businesses to reach their target audience. As a creator, however, this means constantly generating posts, reels, photos, instructions and more, daily, if not multiple times per day. That’s why having a content creation hack that streamlines the process is an absolute necessity!

If you need the hack…read on!

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Time-Saving Content Creation Hack

I recently did a full podcast: “The Content Hack You Need for 2023.” In it, I discuss the importance of using live video as a tool to create engaging content for social media. Live video is the best way to showcase your brand, provide value and connect with your audience and build a strong online presence. And, it’s the most insane way to batch produce content! (So, be sure to listen to the full episode)!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I LOVE live video. Not only does it help people get to know, like and trust you faster than any other type of content, but by filming yourself, all the content you produce comes from YOUR mouth.

Imagine the juicy nature of creating infographics, reels, voice overs, screen flows and images all based on something you spoke, live, while also serving your audience in the moment.

One live video can be chopped up and repurposed for weeks, if not longer, depending on the length and topic of your video.

If going live isn’t your thing, I’m going to encourage you to reconsider. Once you do it, your content creation from here on out will drastically change, for the better. You’ll save tons of time, help any VA’s you might hire, and you’ll have confidence that everything you post is something you’ve said.

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Live Video Tips

So, how can you create content for social media based on doing one live video? Here ya go:

  1. Plan your content:

Before you go live, it’s crucial to plan your content in advance. Decide on a topic that aligns with your brand and would be of interest to your audience. Make sure to create a rough outline of the key points you want to cover in your live video. Planning your content in advance will help you stay focused and ensure that you provide value to your viewers.

  1. Choose the right platform:

There are various social media platforms that allow you to go live, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Depending on your audience and business goals, choose the platform that is most suitable for you. For example, if your target audience is predominantly on Instagram, you might want to go live on that platform. But you can also go live on multiple devices, and you can also use one of the following services:

  1. Promote your live video:

To maximize the impact of your live video, it’s essential to promote it in advance. Share the date and time of your live video on your social media channels and encourage your followers to tune in. You can also create a teaser video or graphic to build anticipation and generate excitement among your audience.

  1. Interact with your audience:

One of the key benefits of going live is that it allows you to interact with your audience in real-time. Make sure to engage with your viewers by answering their questions, responding to their comments, and addressing their concerns. This will help you build a strong connection with your audience and create a loyal fan base. Additionally, the questions and interactions you have with your live audience dictates some of the content you’ll produce for your social media.

If they ask questions, pose those as polls on Instagram. If they have a consistent pain point to which you know the answer, use that in your marketing. And when they ask questions, write them down so that you can keep creating future lives based on what your audience needs to know.

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After You Go Live

This is the cool part…once your live video is over and saved, you begin repurposing your content.

After your live, turn the audio into a transcript using a service like Scribie. Once you have all of your words on paper in front of you, go in and highlight sections that can become IG posts, reel ideas, Tweets, Facebook posts and Pinterest pins.

This is where having a VA is really helpful because with a spreadsheet and some basic instructions, that person can turn your words into share-worthy content.

So, that’s it! The best content creation hack you could ever need is going live and then repurposing that live in myriad ways. I encourage you to hire help for this. Only you can go live as YOU, but an assistant or VA is perfectly capable of taking a transcript and turning your words into gold across all social media platforms!

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