How Niching Down Will Grow Your Business

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Niching down is one of the hardest concept for new business owners to get because the idea of repelling anyone seems counterintuitive. But casting a wide net in business isn’t the best way to grow, get noticed or differentiate yourself amongst the sea of other entrepreneurs out there. Until you’re okay kicking the wrong people out of your car in order to keep a loyal tribe of lifers who “just get you,” you’re going to keep spinning your wheels and giving attention to the wrong people.

Niching Down for Bigger Returns

I’m going to break it you the hard way: you’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Period. None of us are. I’m sure there are people out there who don’t care for Oprah or Tony Robbins, even though they’re two of the most successful and loved people on the planet. The truth is, we all connect  for different reasons. Oftentimes we like people who are similar to us in one way or another. They share a unique problem, overcame an identical struggle, look like us, talk like us, make us laugh, or simply resonate with our souls.

In business, you want to attract THOSE people…the ones who like you, get you, understand you and don’t question you. When you try pleasing the masses, your energy gets scattered, your message becomes diluted, and really, you just become a people pleaser.

When you niche down and talk to your tribe, your people, your lifers, your message becomes succinct, which frees up your time because you never have to explain yourself, your thoughts or your actions. You can simply just be you.

Sure, being you means a lot of people won’t buy what you sell or follow your Instagram page. And guess what? GOOD! Keep talking to the people who adore you, because that group is loyal, and they WILL follow you and buy what you sell. Trust me when I say: a solid niche with fewer followers yields bigger financial returns.

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There’s Confidence in Your Uniqueness

Think of some influencers or celebrities you like and why you choose to follow them. Nine times out of ten, it’s because they’re incredibly unique. It’s the same in business. If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to stand out, and to do that, you must be authentically and uniquely you, otherwise, you’ll fade into a sea of beige where you’re forgettable.

Tapping expert, Gala Darling, who is unapologetically pink (from hair to toenails) says it like this, “The weirder you are the better. You can’t be afraid to really be who you are.”

Your weirdness is your strength, and the more yourself you become, the more confident you come across, which is incredibly attractive.

A common misconception is that the more yourself you are, the more people you’ll repel. But the truth is, people are lonely. They’re looking for a reason to connect with someone. So, as Gala says, “give them something to talk about that’s a conversation piece.” It might be your crazy hair, obsession with vintage clothing, or foul-mouthed approach to motherhood, but whatever it is, go all-in on it, because the right people will attract to it like a magnet.

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Why Less is More

While shrinking your audience feels scary, having a huge following with people who don’t connect with your message doesn’t equate to sales. So what if your Instagram is huge if all your followers do is scroll right by? You want a smaller, more loyal group who says, “hell yeah,” every time you make a post, announce a product or launch something new. You want to talk to one person each time you send an email, go live or promote your business. That one person is obviously many, but they share a common thread, and that thread is that they know, like and trust YOU. When you do that (and do so by being 100% your authentic self without worrying about who you’re repelling), your sales will grow. Mark my words.


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Niching Down to Brand Yourself

Lastly, niching down means getting very clear on your branding. Whether it’s your colors, fonts, language, clothing or overall style…take it all into account when you sit down and think about what makes you, YOU. Personally, I don’t have to think about what’s “on-brand” for me anymore because I’ve spent so much time just being myself. My audience knows I wear makeup to the gym, have claw-length fake nails, set fires in my kitchen because of my ADHD, and bring at least 4 suitcases when traveling because, well, a girl needs shoe options.

Basically, I’m unapologetically high-maintenance. So, do all-natural girls who like camping follow me? Probably not (unless they have ADHD and love making fun of it). The point is, my tribe also loves fake eyelashes, working out and is obsessed with buying things on Amazon. So if some of those things resonate, they’re into me.

And those are MY people. They get me. And guess what…they like me for me, they trust me, and they buy from me because I’m obsessed with helping people live their best lives. I’m honest, they know it, and they trust that what I promote will serve them.

What more could you ever ask for in business? It’s far more rewarding to be yourself, niche down and serve a community to whom you need not “sell,” but for whom you can just be, and the good stuff happens organically.

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