Starting Over On TikTok

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Brock’s dance moves got him in trouble on TikTok!

As I’m sure you’re aware, my son Brock Johnson is an incredible dancer. He’s so good, in fact, that several of his dancing videos went viral on TikTok. We’re talking over 10 million views on just one brief clip of Brock dancing in a locker room.

These viral videos quickly got him over 300k followers on TikTok. The problem? Now he’s stuck in this niche.

Brock’s original audience doesn’t want to hear from a social media expert, they wanna see him boogie 🕺

The solution? Start fresh. 

So, now, Brock is starting over on TikTok.

Naturally, we’re here to dig into the why and how of it all.


starting over on tiktok


Let’s start by understanding how the TikTok algorithm works…

Initial Exposure: At first, TikTok shows your video to a small group of users who might be interested in it. This helps the algorithm gather data on how people respond to your content.

User Engagement: As your video is shown to users, the algorithm pays attention to what people do. It looks at things like likes, comments, shares, and how long they watch. 

Feedback Loop: The algorithm uses all the data it collects to figure out what kind of content you and other users prefer. If people like your video and similar ones, the algorithm will show them more of that kind of content.

Here’s the thing: if you keep showing your followers content that they’re not interested in, well, guess what? The algorithm catches on. It learns that whatever you’re posting, your followers don’t want to see it. They don’t engage with it, they don’t like it.

So, in the algorithm’s eyes, it’s a no-go to show that kind of content to them.


Reasons To Start Over

If you check off at least three of these boxes, you should strongly consider starting over on TikTok.

  • You have a large following, but a low engagement rate
  • You’ve gone viral multiple times for videos that are not related to your niche
  • A majority of your followers are not interested in your niche
  • You’re moving on to a new niche
  • You’ve had multiple community guideline violations
  • Despite posting consistently, none of those posts has done well,  has reached new people, or has led to a spike in growth or engagement

It’s important to note that this last criterion only applies if you have been posting 200+ times a year, for at least one year. If you’ve only been at it a few months, give yourself a little more time before starting over.


starting over on tiktok


Steps for Starting Over On TikTok

1. Create a new account

  • Start fresh by creating a new account with a different username that reflects your new niche or content focus

2. Upload your best-performing, relevant content 

  • Take your top-performing videos from your old account that align with your new niche and repost them on your new account

3. Announce your new account on your old account

  • Once you have shared some content on your new account, make an announcement on your old account to inform your existing followers about your transition

4. Stop posting on your old account

  • Posting the exact same content on both accounts can lead to duplicate content issues and may hurt you in the algorithm

5. Share new, valuable, engaging content

  • Apply normal strategies for growing on social media, such as engaging with your audience and staying up-to-date with trends in your niche

6. Don’t delete your old account 

  • This allows you to retain your followers and engagement history in case you decide to revisit that account in the future


Starting over on TikTok isn’t as daunting as it might sound. It’s a chance to redefine your presence and showcase your talent in a way that truly resonates. Be like Brock and leave behind any mismatches between your content and followers – catch the full story of dancing vs social media on episode #698 of Build Your Tribe.


Here’s why you want to listen to episode #698 – How To Grow On TikTok | Zero Followers in 2023
  • Brock’s experience starting over on TikTok
  • Expert tips and tricks will show you how to optimize your TikTok profile
  • Utilizing the algorithm to attract a massive following
  • Proven methods that will help you tap into the power of TikTok and gain a loyal fanbase
  • How to grow on TikTok and become the next big thing in 2023


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